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Viewgol + Urgent CareKeeping Your Urgent Care Practice in Peak Financial Health

Where every claim is as vital as the patients you treat.

Ensure your RCM is as strong as your commitment to care.

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Viewgol + Urgent Care

Feel like your RCM is stuck in the waiting room?

Urgent care demands swift action, not just in patient care but in billing and revenue management too.

Get the insights and clarity your practice needs for:

  • Optimizing front desk operations
  • Managing workman’s comp cases
  • Handling split claims
  • Navigating a diverse payer mix

Ensure your billing process is as efficient and effective as your patient care.


The Triage of Transient Patients

Does managing a revolving door of patients feel like playing revenue cycle roulette?

Challenge: Urgent care centers often see patients on a one-time or sporadic basis, making it tough to collect payments post-visit.

Impact: Inaccurate patient data and missed upfront collections can lead to significant revenue leakage.

Workman's Comp: A Claim of Its Own

Does dealing with workman's comp cases feel like a maze of paperwork and red tape?

Challenge: Workman’s comp cases require specialized billing and follow-up processes, involving case managers and potential delays.

Impact: Untimely and inaccurate billing can lead to significant reimbursement delays, leaving your practice’s cash flow on life support.

The Split Claim Balancing Act

Does juggling split claims between workman's comp and regular insurance feel like walking a tightrope?

Challenge: Split claims demand meticulous coordination to ensure accurate billing to respective payers.

Impact: Improper billing of split claims can lead to denials, delays, and lost revenue.

Sights on Success

A large Florida-based urgent care provider maximizes revenue with Viewgol


A Florida-based urgent care provider faced challenges with diagnosis and modifier-related denials, underpayments from Molina Healthcare, incorrect patient responsibilities for out-of-state BCBS members, and Florida Medicaid setup issues.

Viewgol's Role

  • Viewgol reviewed over 2,500 claims worth more than $1 million, identifying root causes of denials and providing clear guidance to providers.
  • Viewgol uncovered 3,897 claims with net underpayments totaling $52,000 from Molina Healthcare, helping the urgent care provider recover appropriate reimbursements.
  • Viewgol unearthed the needed data that helped resolve incorrect patient responsibilities for out-of-state BCBS members, reversing or preventing unwarranted co-pays and co-insurance on more than 5,000 patient claims.


  • The urgent care provider achieved remarkable improvements in revenue cycle management, increased accuracy and efficiency, and enhanced diagnosis coding accuracy.
  • Viewgol’s collaboration with the provider’s compliance team ensured compliance with regulations and accurate provider credentialing.

Viewgol's collaboration with the provider’s compliance team ensured compliance with regulations and accurate provider credentialing.


A multi-location urgent care organization struggled with high 90+ AR, peaking at 47% in July of 2023.

Viewgol's Role

Viewgol implemented cutting-edge analytics and provided expert guidance to help AFC optimize its revenue cycle.


  • The urgent care organization achieved a substantial reduction in 90+ AR, decreasing from 47% in July 2023 to an impressive 27% by January 2024.
  • The organization strengthened its financial position and can now focus on delivering exceptional patient care with greater financial stability.

Tailor-made solutions to ensure your practice’s financial health is as strong as your commitment to patient care, supporting your urgent care center at every stage of the revenue cycle.

Managed Care Contract Support (MCCS)

Navigate the complexities of payer contracts and ensure your reimbursements are always on point.

Swift and Precise: With Viewgol, your payer contracts, fee schedules, and claims management will be as quick and accurate as your patient triage.

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Managed Care Contract Support

Viewgol Analytics

Uncover the hidden insights within your data, making every decision as informed as your clinical judgment.

Insights at the Speed of Urgent Care: Get rapid access to your financial health with analytics that reveal every opportunity and challenge.

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Instant Insights at your Fingertips

Viewgol Engage

Let a team of RCM experts be the support staff that optimizes your financial operations, ensuring a smooth flow of revenue.

A Well-Oiled Financial Machine: Viewgol provides the support your practice needs to run like clockwork, keeping your finances as healthy as the communities you serve.

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Powerful Insights

Viewgol Comprehensive

Just as you provide end-to-end care for your patients, Viewgol Comprehensive offers complete RCM services. Consider this the full-service solution for your current RCM processes - a total overhaul ensuring peak financial performance.

Comprehensive Financial Care: From front desk operations to claims management, Viewgol has your urgent care practice covered from door to drawer.

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Stand strong and ready, knowing your urgent care practice has the ultimate financial support system in Viewgol.

With Viewgol, you'll ensure your practice's finances are always in top form, ready for whatever comes through your doors.

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