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Viewgol Engage Where expertise meets innovation

Take your RCM game to the next level with a suite of software and expert RCM services designed to empower healthcare organizations to resolve PM system bottlenecks, untangle complex billing issues, achieve operational excellence, and drive RCM data insights you never thought possible.

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Payer Science | Staff Augmentation

Access Viewgol Analytics for Powerful Insights

Unleash your RCM Data’s Full Potential

At the core of Engage is Viewgol Analytics, a powerful data software that transforms your PM/EHR system data into actionable insights, equipping your organization to uncover hidden opportunities, stabilize financial health, and maximize your team’s potential. Explore, report, compare, unearth, and visualize your practice’s data like never before.

  • A clear, standardized, and transparent window into vital RCM data
  • Lightning-fast data processing, intuitive reporting, and instant insights
  • Granular analysis of claims and denials for targeted problem-solving
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Powerful Insights

Engage with Viewgol’s RCM Heroes

Business Intelligence Team

Data Specialists at Your Service

Need to supercharge your data insights? The BI team is on it!

With a blend of cutting-edge algorithms and deep healthcare RCM expertise, the BI team transforms the raw, unrefined data into golden insights. They analyze the numbers and craft actionable strategies that drive revenue, efficiency, and data-based decision-making.

From identifying neglected revenue opportunities to creating tailored worklists for billing teams, the BI team’s mastery in data analytics empowers your healthcare practice to sail through the complex waters of value-based healthcare.

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Viewgol's BI Team can customize solutions based on your practice’s unique RCM needs and:

  • Collaborate with your RCM team to address weaknesses and opportunities, acting as a guiding force rather than a replacement.
  • Utilize proprietary algorithms to detect problems in the revenue cycle.
  • Analyze fee schedules, underpayments, and coding patterns to identify revenue recovery opportunities.
  • Craft custom approaches to PM systems, bringing multiple systems together and standardizing EHR data.

Work With Viewgol's Business Intelligence Team

Transform Data into Strategic Power
Step into a world where data is more than numbers; it’s the compass guiding your healthcare practice. The BI team crafts strategies that empower you to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Unearth Hidden Revenue Streams
Discover the buried treasure within your data. The BI team’s expertise turns missed opportunities into profitable gains, like finding gold in a mountain of stone.

Enhance Efficiency with Precision
Feel the rhythm of a perfectly synchronized operation. The BI team’s precision in identifying at-risk claims and quick wins leads to excellence in every aspect of your revenue cycle.

Tailored Approach to Your Unique Challenges
Experience the comfort of a solution designed just for you. The BI team’s investigative analytics and custom approach to PM systems unlock new potential, like a key crafted for a special lock.

Navigate the Future with Predictive Analytics
Always be one step ahead with the BI team’s proactive strategies. Through trend analyses, they can proactively address RCM issues, helping you make decisions that align with your long-term goals.

Data Specialists at Your Service

Client Success Team

Your Success Sidekicks

The Client Success team is your support system and ally, committed to ensuring that your healthcare practice achieves the desired outcomes with Viewgo’s products and services.

From the initial implementation to ongoing training, the Client Success team is with you every step of the way, crafting a personalized experience to maximize your partnership with Viewgol

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Viewgol's Client Success team will:

  • Coordinate regular meetings to discuss Viewgol results and best practices.
  • Oversee implementation, provide training, and maintain user accounts.
  • Ensure a seamless and fulfilling experience with Viewgol’s Analytics and expert RCM services.
  • Provide ongoing training and support as new Viewgol features and capabilities are released.

Collaborate With Viewgol's Client Success Team

A Guiding Hand Through Your Viewgol Journey
Embark on a journey with a dedicated advocate by your side. The Client Success team ensures that every step of your Viewgol experience is customized to your needs, like a personal guide through a new landscape.

Empower Outcomes
Feel the triumph of achieving your desired outcomes with Viewgol products and services. The Client Success team is your partner in success, like a trusted friend helping you climb to new heights.

Customized Success Strategy
Experience the luxury of a success plan crafted just for you. The Client Success team understands your unique challenges and goals, providing personalized support and resources to ensure you thrive.

Your Success Sidekicks

Payer Science Team

Revenue Recovery Investigators

The Payer Science team, an optional yet invaluable layer of expertise to your RCM strategy, acts as your personal RCM sleuths, unraveling the mysteries of payer behavior, policies, and trends. With a keen eye for detail, they conduct deep dive investigations into misleading payer rejections, complex denials, and systemic issues that trigger recurring denials, turning challenges into opportunities for your healthcare practice.

The Payer Science team brings specialized RCM knowledge and expertise, ensuring that payer interactions are handled with precision and insight. They work hand-in-hand with your RCM team, to enhance communication with payer organizations, jointly addressing contract negotiations and smoothing out any contractual or credentialing challenges. Their expertise is a strategic advantage in the ever-evolving world of healthcare RCM.

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Revenue Recovery Investigators

Viewgol's Payer Science team will:

  • Decode complex denials to enhance revenue recovery.
  • Identify systemic issues triggering recurring denials.
  • Resolve unsettled accounts, suggesting ways to cut down on AR days and denial percentages.
  • Team up with your RCM team to voice claims processing concerns and address payer contract issues.

Partner With Viewgol's Payer Science Team

Unravel the Intricacies of Payer Behavior
Navigate a clear path through the tangled web of payer policies. The Payer Science team, with their detective-like expertise, deciphers denials, offers coding insights. They also educate healthcare coders on the specific clinical policies and billing nuances dictated by payers, proactively flagging and resolving compliance or billing hiccups.

Optimize Your First Pass Collections
Stand atop the mountain of claims, victorious, with the Payer Science team’s insights on clinical policies and payer-specific reimbursement rules. They help you reach new heights of efficiency and success rates by offering actionable insights to lower your AR aging and denial ratios, turning challenges into triumphs.

Validate and Recover with Confidence
Build a fortress of financial stability with a safety net that catches every under- and overpayment. The Payer Science team ensures validation and initiates large-scale reconsideration projects, applying nuanced reimbursement policies to verify payment data analytics, providing a secure foundation for optimal revenue recovery.

Revenue Recovery Investigators

Staff Augmentation

Specialized Add-On Expertise for Your Unique Challenges

Staff augmentation is a strategic but optional partnership tailored to your unique RCM challenges. After an initial assessment, Viewgol may recommend specialized RCM staff to work alongside and collaborate with your current in-house team.

Whether it’s one additional expert or a whole team of RCM heroes, staff aug is about enhancing your existing capabilities with the perfect fit.

Imagine having handpicked experts, each one chosen to amplify a particular aspect of your RCM process. Staff augmentation builds bridges to greater success, adding key pieces to complete the picture of efficiency and effectiveness.

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Staff Augmentation

Viewgol's staff aug will:

  • Conduct thorough assessment of client's existing RCM capabilities to determine optimal areas for augmentation and enhancement.
  • Integrate with your current RCM team and address your practice’s specific challenges, acting as reinforcements of your existing team.
  • Provide specialized knowledge and expertise in areas where your team needs additional support.
  • Facilitate seamless collaboration between your in-house team and Viewgol’s RCM specialists, ensuring a unified approach to addressing your revenue cycle challenges.

Supercharge With Viewgol's Staff Augmentation

Amplify Your In-House Expertise
Visualize a team of specialized RCM experts seamlessly integrating with your current in-house team. Staff augmentation at Viewgol offers this collaborative force, with each member chosen for their unique RCM knowledge and background.

A Tailored Solution for Your Unique Needs
Enjoy the flexibility of having the exact expertise you need, precisely when you need it. Staff augmentation at Viewgol is a carefully curated selection of experienced RCM staff, tailored to fit your unique challenges, ensuring that you have the right people at the right time.

Specialized Add-On Expertise for Your Unique Challenges

Transform Your PM/EHR Data into
Revenue-Driving Insights

  1. ProvideGrant access to your EHR/PM system, initiating the transformation journey with Viewgol Analytics.

  2. IntegrateSecurely retrieve your database, allowing for a comprehensive data perspective.

  1. AnalyzeEnable rapid processing and analysis of your database, turning raw data into actionable insights.

  2. DiscoverUnearth hidden data within your systems using Viewgol's advanced analytics capabilities.

  3. ImplementLeverage these insights to drive revenue-boosting strategies, optimize your RCM processes, and make informed decisions for your healthcare practice.

  4. EmbraceThe satisfaction of not just meeting, but exceeding your financial goals as Viewgol Engage propels your RCM operations beyond expectations.


Viewgol your data by connecting your PM system database through Engage.

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What Our Partners Say

Within only a few seconds of using Viewgol, I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for. They deliver insights that no one else can.

CFOUrgent Care, 300+ Locations

With Viewgol, I’m way more efficient and effective. Their team is invested in helping us improve every week.

VP of Revenue CycleNational Multi-specialty Practice with 22+ Locations

We co-sourced our billing and had limited visualization into our data. This tool gave us the controls we desired and has aided us in a more successful, data-driven partnership with our RCM vendor.

VP of RCM OperationsMulti-specialty Medical Group in North Texas

Propel Your RCM Forward with Viewgol Engage

Utilize data-driven insights and the services of our kick-ass RCM teams to supercharge your operations.

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