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Viewgol + OrthopedicsStrengthening the Backbone of Orthopedic Practices

Where every code and claim is as critical as the bones you mend - fortify your RCM against revenue fractures

Viewgol Your Data Now

Feel like you're performing surgery on your RCM just to keep up?

Orthopedics demands precision in billing and inventory management, not only in the OR.

Get the clarity and insights your practice needs for

  • Accurate coding,
  • DME billing,
  • Surgical reimbursements, and
  • those complicated workman’s comp cases.

Ensure your billing process is as precise and successful as your surgical procedures.

Keep your team’s focus on mending bones, not crunching numbers.

Precision in billing and inventory
ChallengeOrtho A

The Joint Challenges of Surgical Billing

Does coding for different procedures feel like putting together a skeleton without a diagram?

Challenge: Each surgery has its own billing details. You need to be incredibly precise to avoid financial errors.

Impact: Wrong or incomplete claims often result in denials, leading to lost monies or costly appeals.


DME: A Bone of Contention

Does DME billing feel like solving a Rubik's cube with your eyes closed?

Challenge: From braces to crutches, every item requires spot-on coding and inventory tracking to ensure proper reimbursement.

Impact: Poor DME management can lead to significant revenue loss, leaving your practice’s financial health on crutches.


The Prior Authorization Puzzle

Do you feel like you’re drowning in the sea of securing prior authorizations?

Challenge: Getting approvals for high-cost surgeries is a cumbersome process, often involving delays and possible denials.

Impact: Patient care gets put on hold, frustration grows, and your practice’s income dries up as you wait for approval.

Sights on Success

Premier West Coast Orthopedics Group

Uncovering $1.2M in AR Opportunities


A premier west coast orthopedics group knew they had a significant AR problem but lacked the granular data and insights needed to pinpoint the root causes and take effective action.

Viewgol's Role

  • Viewgol’s advanced analytics provided the orthopedics group with a comprehensive breakdown of their $1.2in total AR at risk, representing 4% of their total insurance AR.
  • Viewgol’s insights revealed that the practice had $854,166 in ignored denials and $434,128 in ignored statements, providing transparency into the key contributors to their AR challenges.
  • Viewgol’s analysis also highlighted that the orthopedics group’s AR percent over 90 days (debit) was at 26%, benchmarking it against industry standards and identifying it as an area for improvement.


  • Armed with Viewgol’s data-driven insights, the orthopedics group gained the clarity and transparency they needed to take targeted actions to address their AR challenges.
  • The practice could now focus on reducing the identified ignored denials, ignored statements, and AR percent over 90 days, empowering them to boost their financial stability and secure a better future.

Multi-Location Ortho Practice

Recapturing $466K in At-Risk AR


A multi-location orthopedic practice suspected that they were not capturing all the revenue they were entitled to but lacked the analytical capabilities to identify the specific gaps and amounts involved.

Viewgol's Role

  • Viewgol’s analytics and business intelligence uncovered a total of $466,500 in accounts receivable (AR) at risk for the practice, representing 11% of their total insurance AR.
  • Viewgol’s advanced analytics provided a detailed breakdown of the AR at risk, identifying $71,835 in ignored denials and $324,782 in ignored unbilled amounts, offering clarity on the specific issues impacting the practice’s financial health.
  • Viewgol’s insights also revealed that multi-location orthopedic practice’s AR percent over 90 days (debit) was at 16%, presenting an opportunity for improvement when compared to industry standards.


  • With Viewgol’s partnership and data-driven insights, the ortho practice gained the knowledge and confidence to directly address the identified issues in their AR.
  • The practice could now implement targeted strategies to tackle the ignored denials, ignored unbilled amounts, and high AR percent over 90 days, ultimately strengthening their financial health and positioning themselves for long-term success.

At the heart of Viewgol's success?

Viewgol puts people first to provide excellent patient financial experiences

Leveraging advanced data analytics often missed by PM systems to identify your practice’s billing and revenue cycle issues

Combined with the RCM intelligence of specialized RCM teams  to deliver actionable insights and strategize solutions.

Managed Care Contract Support (MCCS)

Tackle complex contracts and ensure your reimbursements are never out of alignment.

Precision in Every Procedure: With Viewgol, your payer contracts, fee schedules, and claims management will be as precise as the surgeries you perform.

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Managed Care Contract Support

Viewgol Analytics

Unearth the deep-seated insights within your data, making every decision as informed as diagnostic imaging.

Insights Down to the Bone: Dive deep into the core of your financial operations with analytics that reveal every hidden opportunity and challenge.

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Instant Insights at your Fingertips

Viewgol Engage

Let a team of RCM specialists be the cast that supports and aligns your financial operations, healing every fracture.

A Robust Financial Framework: Viewgol provides the support your practice needs to stand tall, ensuring your finances are as healthy as the patients you help.

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Powerful Insights

Viewgol Comprehensive

Just as you guide your patients through treatment plans, Viewgol Comprehensive provides end-to-end RCM services. Consider this the total joint replacement for your current RCM processes – a complete overhaul ensuring peak financial health.

Full-Spectrum Financial Rehab: From billing and denial management to payment posting and claims management, Viewgol’s got your practice covered from head to toe.

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