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Get data you can trust, without digging

Financial data analytics in healthcare is broken. Your PM/EHR software doesn’t provide you with all of the data you need, making it difficult to get a clear picture of your revenue cycle.

With Viewgol, you get access to objective, nuanced data that you’ve never had before and unmatched revenue cycle analytics to quickly uncover hidden opportunities that drive revenue for your practice.

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RCM reporting in healthcare like you’ve never seen before

Our solution breaks down every detail of your revenue cycle so you can identify gaps, work claims with the most opportunity, and reveal hidden opportunities on day one that result in a 5-15% revenue lift—guaranteed.

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Your dream reporting tool awaits

Forget pulling multiple reports to get the truth about your revenue cycle. Get full transparency that highlights all of your data and trends in streamlined, intuitive scorecards updated daily.

Bring revenue cycle billing errors to light

Insufficient documentation, inaccurate coding, manual claims management processes, and failing to monitor trends can all negatively impact your revenue cycle and lead to revenue leaks. Viewgol identifies revenue cycle billing errors, maps out solutions, and helps you prevent future loss.

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Move beyond
old-school KPIs

RCM reporting in healthcare is changing. The high-level RCM metrics and benchmarks you’re using don’t tell the whole story. Get access to KPIs and LPIs that drive resolutions and a gold-standard RCM model to see more revenue.

Get Better Revenue Cycle KPIs

See your team’s productivity soar

With timely data insights and a simple, streamlined tool, your team will be more efficient, save time, and break free from the cycle of frustration. You’ll feel like a rockstar.

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Let’s find revenue.

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