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Ensure your RCM is as adaptable and resilient as your practice.

Be empowered to provide compassionate care support for a lifetime of health.

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Feel like you're juggling multiple specialties within one practice?

From adolescent gynecology to obstetrics, menopause management, and beyond, women’s care practices face a multitude of unique billing and revenue cycle challenges.

Viewgol empowers your practice with the RCM support and data insights you need to:

  • Conquer obstetrics billing and tracking challenges
  • Optimize IUD and device inventory management
  • Monitor patient population trends
  • Maximize reimbursements across multiple service lines
Juggling multiple specialties
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Untangling the Obstetrics Billing Web

Is global billing for obstetrics overwhelming your staff?

Challenge: Managing pregnancy loss, transfers of care, and deliveries outside of office hours can complicate global billing packages.

Impact: Viewgol helps you untangle the web, ensuring a smooth revenue cycle from the first visit to postpartum care.

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Mastering IUD Inventory Management

Are you struggling to break even on high-cost IUDs and other devices?

Challenge: IUDs are expensive and require careful inventory management to avoid financial losses.

Impact: Viewgol empowers you to master inventory management and optimize billing, protecting your bottom line while providing essential care.

Achieving Billing Requirement Excellence

Achieving Billing Requirement Excellence

Are you barely keeping track of your various service lines?

Challenge: From obstetrics to gynecology, infertility, and beyond, each service line has its own complex billing rules and regulations.

Impact: Viewgol’s analytics and business intelligence provide the insights and hands-on support you need to keep track of all service lines.

The Viewgol Difference in Women's Care Practices

Gain a Clear View of Your Obstetrics Journey


Picture having a trusted guide to navigate the complexities of obstetrics billing. Viewgol provides the tools and expertise to:

  • Identify missed billing opportunities 
  • Ensure timely submission of delivery paperwork 
  • Track postpartum visits for compliance and maximum reimbursement 
  • Monitor billing of associated services like ultrasounds 

Optimize Your IUD and Device Inventory


Feel the confidence that comes with knowing your IUD and device inventory is carefully tracked and billed. With Viewgol’s inventory management solutions, you can:

  • Track every device from purchase to patient
  • Ensure accurate billing and reimbursement
  • Minimize costly losses and optimize your inventory

Streamline Billing Across All Service Lines


Imagine all your billing processes flowing smoothly, regardless of the service line. Viewgol helps you:

  • Navigate the unique billing requirements of each specialty
  • Identify and correct errors and inconsistencies
  • Maximize reimbursements and minimize denials

Gain Insight into Your Patient Population


Envision having a clear understanding of your patient mix and how it impacts your practice’s long-term success. Viewgol’s analytics provide:

  • Detailed breakdowns of patient demographics
  • Insights into patient retention and churn
  • Tools to optimize your patient mix for a thriving practice

Viewgol's Approach to Women's Care RCM

Viewgol offers customized solutions designed to address the unique challenges women’s care practices face, supporting you at every stage of your revenue cycle journey.

Managed Care Contract Support (MCCS)

Expert guidance to analyze contracts and negotiate optimal rates

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Managed Care Contract Support

Viewgol Analytics

Powerful software providing actionable insights that drive revenue optimization and informed decision-making

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Instant Insights at your Fingertips

Viewgol Engage

Hands-on, seasoned, RCM support and business intelligence backed by the power of advanced analytics

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Powerful Insights

Viewgol Comprehensive

A complete, end-to-end RCM solution tailored to your practice's unique needs

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Elevate Your Practice's Financial Vitality

Is your women's care practice ready to overcome RCM challenges and achieve long-term financial success?

Partner with Viewgol to access specialized analytics, expert support, and customized solutions designed to help your practice thrive. Together, we'll optimize your revenue cycle, empowering you to deliver the exceptional care your patients deserve.

Take the first step towards RCM excellence and success. Contact Viewgol today to discover how we can help your practice reach new heights.

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