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Business Intelligence

Data-driven software and services for physician practices

Our RCM intelligence platform combined with our business intelligence services allow you to power up your data with never-before-seen insights that drive revenue.

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With our team of trusted RCM experts, you’ll get an objective, comprehensive understanding of your data in context, meaningful insights, and a team that has your back.

Our data scientists constantly mine your data for gaps and opportunities, develop executive-level reporting, and map out solutions every step of the way to identify and fix systemic issues and exceptions, prevent revenue leaks, and achieve a healthy revenue cycle.

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Account resolution services for medical practices

Use our intelligence to calculate the time and staff resources required to address backlogs, identify which claims are still collectible or those that need to be written off, and plan for the future.

Viewgol’s account resolution services for medical practices enable your team to monitor the quality and productivity of your third-party and off-shore contractors and determine if the appropriate number of resources have been assigned to your account.

Gain full transparency and unparalleled revenue data insights

Our business intelligence team brings clarity to revenue cycle complexities, allows you to ask the right questions, and challenges you to re-think your revenue cycle so you can see more and do more.

  • Revenue cycle assessment
  • Modern revenue cycle KPIs
  • Enable efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Executive-level reporting
  • Work plan for short-term and long-term projects
  • Fix systemic issues and exceptions
  • Staffing projection calculation
  • Claim denial analysis
  • Identify gaps and at-risk claims
  • Revenue cycle underpayment analysis
  • Payment velocity analysis
  • Denials and recoveries deep learning
  • Scrub unbilled claims to identify errors leading to denials
  • Liquidation rate
  • First pass payment analysis
  • Reason code analysis
  • Procedure code utilization
  • Identify false vs. true credit balance
  • Scrub patient AR before sending to collections
  • Automate AR and payment posting
  • Quality audits to uncover payment posting process errors

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