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American Family Care reduces days in A/R by nearly 50%

Complete data transparency, unparalleled reporting analytics, and revenue cycle expertise allowed this growing network of urgent care centers to expand their scope of services with Viewgol 5x in just 9 months.



American Family Care, the nation’s leading provider of urgent care, accessible primary care, and occupational medicine, includes almost 300 clinics and nearly 1200 providers caring for over 5 million patients each year. Their mission is to provide the best healthcare possible, in a kind and caring environment, while respecting the rights of all patients, in an economical manner, at times and locations convenient to the patient.


Lack of Meaningful Data Insights

In January 2020, American Family Care was looking to more efficiently manage its revenue cycle and improve key metrics, such as days in A/R, which was approaching 60. However, without data transparency and a system to track claims, they lacked the insight and reporting they needed to measure their performance and map out solutions. Additionally, a mix of global and fee-forservice payments and ever-changing payer rules made it difficult for their revenue cycle team to keep up, and their frustrations were mounting by the day.


Complete Visibility Into The Revenue Cycle

Viewgol worked with American Family Care to create a strategic plan that would enable total transparency and give them access to a single source of trustworthy, meaningful data insights, delivered in context. Viewgol’s comprehensive revenue cycle management solution, which combines a cloud-based analytics software platform and business intelligence, identifies gaps, mitigates risk, and uncovers hidden opportunities.

American Family Care


American Family Care


  • Data transparency and meaningful insights, updated daily
  • Executive-level reporting
  • Business intelligence and actionable solutions


  • 47% reduction days in A/R
  • Increased net collections rate


An Optimized Revenue Cycle

With Viewgol’s solution, American Family Care was able to drill down the data and identify errors, at-risk and untouched claims, and adjustments, and see everything in one simple, intuitive dashboard with scorecards and executive-level reporting. Unlike other solutions, the data was updated daily. Every week, Viewgol’s team of revenue cycle experts also mapped out solutions that could be implemented to improve their performance. Within 180 days, net collections improved significantly and their days in A/R were reduced by 47%.


Rapid Growth and Increased Engagement

In the summer of 2020, American Family Care increased its telehealth presence and became the first provider in several states in the U.S. to offer rapid COVID-19 testing and as a result, experienced in excess of 50% YOY growth. After their early wins with Viewgol, they expanded their engagement five times within 9 months, and recently, have expanded into other lines of business.

Viewgol provides unparalleled data transparency, detailed and easy-to-read reports, and RCM expertise that no other company could offer. With a few clicks, we know where every single claim is and we can follow each one from start to finish. With Viewgol, we can finally measure, track, and provide a feedback loop to our clinics, front-end and billing staff.”

Mark Goodwin, VP of Revenue Cycle Management, American Family Care

“With Viewgol, our team is significantly more efficient and productive. Their team is invested in helping us improve our performance every single week. They have exceeded my expectations.”

Mark Goodwin, VP of Revenue Cycle Management, American Family Care

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