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Viewgol ComprehensiveA Modern, Full-Spectrum RCM Billing Solution Driven By Data & Business Intelligence

Clarity to RCM Complexity

Viewgol Comprehensive is your all-inclusive, fully managed solution for healthcare revenue cycle and billing management.

Viewgol Your Data

Why Use Viewgol’s
RCM Billing Services?

Because 'good enough' is for those other guys. We're the dedicated, fully transparent, team of RCM Heroes you've been waiting for.

A-Z RCM Solution
A-Z RCM Solution

A-to-Z RCM Solution

Viewgol Comprehensive handles the A-to-Z of your revenue cycle, from data analysis to billing. Imagine your revenue cycle running like a well-oiled machine, freeing you to focus on what’s paramount—patient care. That’s what Viewgol Comprehensive delivers.

Specialized, Dedicated RCM Expertise
Specialized, Dedicated RCM Expertise

Dedicated RCM Expertise

Viewgol assigns each client your own dedicated team of business intelligence experts and specialized RCM professionals. No moonlighting between clients! Think of it as having your own dream team of revenue cycle pros, committed solely to your practice’s success.

 Insights That Empower

Insights That Empower

Viewgol’s powerful analytics software is integrated into Viewgol Comprehensive, empowering healthcare organizations with actionable insights and rich reporting tools that drive operational excellence.

Complete RCM Ownership

Every Viewgol expert on your team is a direct employee, driven by an experienced Business Intelligence team.

With a 900+ FTE strong team for RCM operations, Viewgol limits using outsource partners to special projects.

Viewgol delves deep in

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Worried you’re leaking revenue? Let Viewgol’s forensic billing specialists crunch the numbers while you go back to saving lives, one patient at a time.

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Get Started with Viewgol Comprehensive Now.

Comprehensive Solutions,
Comprehensive Benefits

Simplify Operations

Simplify Operations
+ Refocus on What Matters

Relieve the stress of RCM complexity and answer questions like “What should my staffing look like?” Viewgol Comprehensive offers a fully managed, data-driven approach to RCM, covering all aspects outlined in a detailed responsibility matrix. Say goodbye to operational headaches and hello to a focus on what truly matters, your patients.

Protect Your Revenue

Protect Your Revenue
+ Grow Confidently

Sleep better knowing your revenue is protected. Claims management is thorough, with custom-fit processes to minimize missed exceptions, denials, or appeals. Viewgol Comprehensive equips healthcare practices with the data and insights to effectively recoup missing revenue and identify opportunities. With Viewgol, your revenue isn’t just safe—it’s set to soar.

Energize Your Staff

Energize Your Staff
+ Boost Team Morale

Transform burnout into brilliance and elevate your practice’s morale. High-cost staff can be reallocated from routine billing tasks to more high-value activities like collections. Workflow optimization is not just a buzzword; it’s a commitment.

Master Denials

Master Denials
+ Slash Write-Offs

A specialized Payer Science team meticulously manages denials and appeals. Their deep understanding of complex payer policies and guidelines turns denials into approvals, reclaiming your hard-earned revenue.

Gain Insights

Gain Insights
+ Shape Strategy

A robust Business Intelligence team provides data-driven RCM insights, analysis, and reporting. The BI team offers strategic guidance on a range of issues, from financial reporting to denial management.

Innovate Fearlessly

Innovate Fearlessly
+ Disrupt Boldly

Pursue bold ideas without RCM worries holding you back. Viewgol Comprehensive is the catalyst that enables you to transform your practice and reimagine healthcare.

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Harnessing the Power of Analytics and Business Intelligence

Viewgol Comprehensive unifies advanced analytics software, expert RCM services, unmatched expertise, and streamlined operations for end-to-end management of your revenue cycle. Teams are organized around your resources, ensuring a tailored, full-service approach.


Viewgol Analytics is the engine that powers Viewgol Comprehensive. The powerful analytics software turns healthcare practice’s PM, EHR, and supporting system data into actionable insights.

Daily updated reporting is available at the click of a button, offering a complete, precise, and automated picture of your RCM data.

Check-out Viewgol Analytics

Business Intelligence:
Revenue Cycle Data Specialists

With a collective century of experience, Viewgol’s seasoned Business Intelligence team leverages their RCM knowledge and analytical skills to uncover risks and revenue opportunities. They provide strategic guidance on:

  • Streamlining the entire revenue cycle journey
  • Decoding complex denials and payer processing errors
  • Resolving accounts receivable issues
  • Validating contracted rates and identifying underpayments
Viewgol Engage
Business Intelligence

Client Success: Optimal Implementation and Dedicated Support

The Client Success team ensures you achieve the best value from Viewgol Comprehensive’s solutions through:

  • Managing implementation and user setup
  • Conducting training on the Viewgol Analytics software
  • Providing ongoing support and coordinating resources
  • Scheduling regular check-ins to discuss results and best practices
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Client Success

Payer Science: Pros of Payer Policy and Behavior

The Payer Science team are masters at deciphering complex payer policies, guidelines, and denial patterns. They meticulously manage denials and appeals to recover revenue.

In addition, the Payer Science team:

  • Analyzes root causes of denials and identifies strategies to prevent recurrences
  • Collaborates with practice and payers to address claims processing concerns
  • Guides coding teams with insights on payer policies and requirements
  • Resolves outstanding AR issues through reconsideration projects
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Payer Science Team

Full Billing Staff: Your Dedicated RCM Team

Viewgol Comprehensive provides the top-tier RCM talent fully devoted to your practice and your practice alone, executing billing management at the highest level.

From billing and denial management to payment posting and claims management, Viewgol Comprehensive ensures a smooth path to operational excellence through exceptional data, powerful analytics, and the best RCM talents in the industry.

Full Billing Staff 3
Full Billing Staff
Full Billing Staff

What Viewgol’s Empowered Clients Say

The love is real—our innovative approach consistently delivers exceptional results, and our clients frequently tell us so. This level of enthusiasm is an everyday occurrence at Viewgol.

Don't Take Our Word for It, Take Theirs:

Within only a few seconds of using Viewgol, I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for. They deliver insights that no one else can.

CFOUrgent Care, 300+ Locations

With Viewgol, I’m way more efficient and effective. Their team is invested in helping us improve every week.

VP of Revenue CycleNational Multi-specialty Practice with 22+ Locations

We co-sourced our billing and had limited visualization into our data. This tool gave us the controls we desired and has aided us in a more successful, data-driven partnership with our RCM vendor.

VP of RCM OperationsMulti-specialty Medical Group in North Texas

Maximize your RCM Potential

Viewgol is so good at this, you'll start wondering what to do with your practice’s newfound success.

Are you ready to transform your revenue cycle? Of course you are.

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Viewgol will assess your current RCM operations and provide a proposal for optimization.

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