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From red to green in 30 days or less

Show us your data and we’ll show you opportunities for revenue growth ﹣ guaranteed.

Connecting us with your data is easy as 1-2-3

After a discovery call to hear what’s preventing your practice from realizing more revenue, all you need to do is:


Grant VPN access to your PM/EHR reporting server.

Connect the practice management database to the Viewgol platform.

Install and configure the database.

Bonus: Get the Viewgol Value

After gaining connectivity, our BI team does a comprehensive data assessment within 48 hours to identify hidden opportunities ﹣at no cost.

The last step is to make Viewgol work for your team.

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Smoke test
Ensure data integration with your practice management software is working correctly.
Provide training
Learn best practices for using Viewgol and how to read your daily scorecards.
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