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DRUG DASHBOARDTransform Your Approach to High-Cost Drug Billing in Retina and Oncology Care  

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Major Retina Practice Recovers More than $300,000!

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Ensure Every Dollar is Accounted For

Experience Complete Transparency

Experience Complete Transparency of Your Drug Reimbursement Data

Identify the Voids

Identify the Voids and Credits from Your Drug Cabinet

Access Detailed Analytics

Access Detailed Analytics of Your Drug Denials

Slice Data

Slice Data by Payer, Provider, Drug, and CPT code for Precise Analysis

The Drug Dashboard Is Your Solution for Drug Billing, Reimbursement, and Denial Challenges

The Drug Dashboard Is Your Solution for Drug Billing, Reimbursement, and Denial Challenges

Viewgol Understands Your Challenges

High-cost drug billing, reimbursements, and denials can overwhelm practices, particularly retina and oncology specialties. Every day, you face the daunting task of:

  • Ensuring every drug administered is accurately accounted for from your cabinet
  • Dealing with the frustration of underpayments and denials
  • Keeping track of your drug A/R
  • Striving to maintain financial stability amidst these challenges
Viewgol Understands Your Challenges

These are more than just figures in red – they’re personal, impacting your team, your patients, and your peace of mind.

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Experience firsthand the value of the Drug Dashboard – now available to you at no cost.

Yes, you read that right – Absolutely free.
We’re putting our money where our mouth is.

Viewgol’s committed to:

  • Earning your trust and business
  • Building a partnership that redefines your experience with RCM Vendors
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Gain confidence in your drug data management and reimbursement processes. Don’t just take our word for it. Try it yourself and witness the impact.

See the Difference, Risk-Free 

Viegol Partners

Viewgol Partners

Ask yourself:

  • Are the complexities of drug billing costing your practice valuable revenue?
  • What would it mean for your day-to-day operations to address underpayments and denials effortlessly?
  • Imagine having complete visibility in your drug denial processes – how would that transform your practice?
  • Would simplifying high-cost drug management ease the strain on your team and improve patient care?

That's where Viewgol's

Drug Dashboard steps in

The Drug Dashboard is your go-to partner, surfacing all the data you need for optimized drug reimbursement and denial analysis.

Complete Accountability

Meticulously track every drug in the cabinet, ensuring precise inventory management and accurate charge capture.

Comprehensive Reimbursement Analysis

Tailored for high-cost drugs and procedures, ensuring you capture every reimbursement opportunity.

Streamlined Claims Processes

Find your 50 largest outstanding claims for drugs/CPT Codes over 90 days.

Denials and Underpayments Resolution

Armed with insights to identify denial causes so your team can quickly address and resolve these denials.

Join Viewgol's

Success Stories

Join Viewgol's

Success Stories

Major Revenue Recovery in Retina Organization


Summary: A leading Retina organization successfully reclaimed $138,000 in underpayments on two recently launched drugs.

Challenge: The organization encountered underpayments on drug claims. One claim expected to bring in $1400 only paid out $85, with similar discrepancies across numerous claims.

Viewgol's Role: Viewgol’s Payer Science team collaborated with the practice and audited these underpaid claims.

They discovered that the practice's existing processes did not accurately capture reimbursement rates and methodologies, leading to random rates applied by Medicare and unnoticed underpayments.


  • Successful Recovery: Precise data analysis and strategic appeals led to the recovery of over $130,000 in Medicare underpayments for two recently launched drugs.
  • Long-Term Benefit: Enhanced the practice’s approach to managing reimbursements, ensuring more accurate billing for future claims.

Significant Financial Recovery for Regional Retina Practice  

Summary: A Retina practice recovers $332,000 in Medicare underpayments on recently launched drugs.

Challenge: A healthcare practice faced substantial Medicare underpayments on two new drugs.

Viewgol's Role: A healthcare practice faced substantial Medicare underpayments on two new drugs.


  • Significant Recovery: $332,000 in Medicare underpayments reclaimed with an impressive 97% success rate in appeals.

Know Your Worth, Claim Your Gains

Discover Exactly What You’re Missing – Get the Drug Dashboard for Free!

Do you know how much revenue slips through the cracks in your drug billing process?

With Viewgol’s Drug Dashboard, your practice can uncover and reclaim those missed opportunities. Don’t lose another dollar.

Retina & Oncology Specialities, See What's in Store!

Make drug management as clear as your vision.

If you’re in Retina or Oncology, it’s time to experience a dashboard that meets your unique needs like no other!

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Join Viewgol's

Success Stories

Join Viewgol's

Success Stories

Revitalized Retina Reimbursements

Challenge: A retina practice was confronting persistent underpayments. Their billing strategy was not capturing the full reimbursement potential, leading to financial underperformance.

Viewgol's Role: After a deep dive into their billing processes, Viewgol advised a pivotal adjustment to their charges for several key treatments.

Remarkable Financial Outcome:

Prior to Adjustment:

  • Drug A: Charged at $1,200, allowed $420 (35%)
  • Drug B: Charged at $2,000, allowed $700 (35%)
  • Drug C: Charged at $3,000, allowed $1,050 (35%)

Post-Viewgol's Recommendations:

  • Drug A: Charges raised to $2,520, allowed now $882 (35%)
  • Drug B: Charges raised to $4,200, allowed now $1,470 (35%)
  • Drug C: Charges raised to $6,600, allowed now $2,310 (35%)
  • The Triumph: Embracing Viewgol's recommendations, the practice experienced a groundbreaking shift, now securing around double the reimbursement rate per claim—effectively a 50% increase. This decisive action not only bolstered their revenue but also validated the strategic advantage of the Drug Dashboard's insights.

What You’re Getting

Monthly Summary View

A snapshot of all monthly drug billing activities, including billed amounts, collected payments, outstanding amounts, and payment rates, revealing trends and anomalies. This view is the pulse of your financial health, offering clarity and control over your drug management strategies.

Monthly Summary View


  • Identify billing discrepancies and trends impacting financial health.
  • Optimize drug management strategies with month-over-month comparisons.
  • Pinpoint areas where operational changes can lead to increased revenue.

Payer Summary View

A detailed breakdown of reimbursements and claims by each payer.

The Payer Summary view is indispensable for practices juggling a diverse array of payers, offering a clear lens on how each contributes to your overall revenue.

Payer Summary View


  • Manage payer relationships by understanding their reimbursement patterns.
  • Detect and resolve specific payer-related issues promptly.
  • Negotiate better reimbursement terms based on payer data.

Drug/CPT Details View

An in-depth look at each drug or procedure’s financial performance.

The Drugs view lets you meticulously analyze reimbursement rates, quantities billed, uncollected amounts, and overall financial impact.

Drug/CPT Details View


  • Gain a clear understanding of the root causes behind denials for proactive management.
  • Enable swift response to payers’ requests, enhancing the success rate of appeals.
  • Improve authorization procedures to prevent future denials and secure reimbursements.

Denial Analysis

A dedicated tab in the Drug Dashboard that provides in-depth visibility into denials from billed drugs.

Denial Analysis is essential for understanding and addressing the reasons behind reimbursement denials, such as invoice requests, medical record issues, or lack of authorization. It empowers practices to quickly identify specific payers responsible for denials and take necessary actions for future authorization processes and appeals.

Denial Analysis 


  • Gain a clear understanding of the root causes behind denials for proactive management.
  • Enable swift response to payers’ requests, enhancing the success rate of appeals.
  • Improve authorization procedures to prevent future denials and secure reimbursements.

Data Analysis

With your Drug Dashboard, you will also receive a thorough analysis of your practice’s data. This comprehensive service comes at no additional cost, providing you with actionable insights to elevate your revenue cycle management (RCM).

How It Works: Following secure access to your PM system data, Viewgol’s Business Intelligence team performs a meticulous analysis of your PM system data to craft your custom Drug Dashboard and identify critical RCM insights. This in-depth analysis identifies revenue-boosting opportunities, prioritizes high-impact claims, pinpoints where to act, and uncovers hidden data insights that standard PM systems often miss.

Data Analysis


  • Leverage targeted analysis to uncover areas for revenue recovery and loss prevention
  • Use granular RCM data insights to streamline operations, reduce administrative burden
  • Quickly identify and act on the claims that will have the most significant positive impact on your practice’s bottom line.

With Viewgol’s Data Analysis service, you gain not just visibility but also the clarity and precision needed to make informed decisions that propel your practice forward.

If You're Still Deciding...

  • Is the Drug Dashboard Suitable for My Practice?

Viewgol will tailor solutions specific to your needs and ensure the Dashboard integrates with your practice perfectly. Schedule a quick demo with our team to learn about our custom-fit RCM solutions.

  • How Will Integrating the Dashboard Affect My Practice?

Change takes time, but Viewgol is experienced in seamless integrations across various practice sizes. Our team will make the transition smooth and hassle-free for you and your staff.

  • How Secure and Private Will My Data Be with the Dashboard?

Viewgol prioritizes your data’s safety, ensuring compliance with all regulatory standards and offering robust security measures. Talk to Viewgol Experts to find out more!

  • What Kind of Support and Training Can I Expect?

Viewgol provides comprehensive training and continuous support to ensure you maximize the benefits of the Drug Dashboard. Ask the Viewgol team about our Client Success team!

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