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We’re reinventing healthcare revenue cycle management with complete transparency, unparalleled data analytics, updated metrics, and domain expertise that quickly guide your practice to increased revenue.

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Fast, Data-first, Insightful RCM Solutions

Unlock insights hidden within your revenue cycle data. Integrating RCM data from your PM/EHR systems, Viewgol Analytics processes millions of rows in seconds, revealing opportunities to enhance operational efficiency like never before. Make data-driven decisions faster, achieve strategic planning, and embark on targeted problem-solving you never thought possible all in a SOC 2 compliant environment.

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Bringing revenue cycle insights to light

On day one, we’ll identify hidden opportunities that will result in a 5-15% revenue lift—guaranteed.
Take advantage of 24/7 rich data insights to help you identify at-risk claims, adjustments due to system or human error, and claims with the most opportunity.
Get an objective assessment of your revenue cycle to identify and fix systemic issues and exceptions, plus a comprehensive work plan to prevent future revenue leaks.
Make your data work for you with customized reports and solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Revenue cycle analytics for medical practices

Get access to objective, trusted data not found in your PM/EHR from a single interface with multiple intuitive scorecards, updated daily.

Unmatched RCM Reporting
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RCM expertise

Amplify your revenue cycle with a deeper understanding of the data in context and unparalleled insights from our team of RCM experts.

RCM Analytics

RCM services

We can also serve as your go-to for outsource RCM services. Whether it’s outsourcing NextGen or other practice management systems for billing or the need to evaluate third-party or offshore contractor performance, we can help.

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Modern revenue cycle KPIs

Traditional, high-level metrics and benchmarks no longer cut it. We use updated metrics and KPIs and a gold-standard RCM model that gives you a clear, realistic view of your revenue cycle to identify claims with the most opportunity and increase cash collections.

Get Better Revenue Cycle KPIs

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