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Managed Care Contract SupportReclaim What Your Practice is Owed.

Cut through the noise of payer contracts.

Finally, see exactly how and where major payers chronically underpay you. No more settling for less.

Take action to recover hundreds of thousands in owed reimbursements.

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Managed Care Contract Support

Viewgol has helped
recover over $11,000,000
of underpayments from payers.

Viewgol meticulously constructs accurate fee schedules from your contracts then compares it to historical claims data to uncover systematic underpayment patterns hidden from practices.

  • Dashboards
  • Reimbursement analysis
  • Detailed reporting
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Equip your team to approach payers from a position of strength – armed with the data clarity needed to recover hundreds of thousands in owed revenue.

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Success Stories

A Multi-Million Dollar Success Story


Summary: A New York-based multi-practice dermatology practice lacked visibility into chronic underpayments hidden within complex payer contracts.

Challenge: With a broad footprint and multiple payer agreements, the dermatology org experienced systemic underpayments due to complex and varied contract terms.

Solution: Viewgol’s MCCS meticulously analyzed the practices’ payer contracts and identified approximately $2.7 million in underpayments across multiple payers.


  • Viewgol empowered the dermatology practice with the data and insights necessary to reclaim owed revenue and historical claims in the millions!

Quantifiable Outcomes You’ll Realize

Viewgol Analytics integrates seamlessly with your existing PM system implementation to supercharge your data insights and enhance the reporting and analytics you use daily across:


Revenue Recovery and Protection

  • Recover 6-7 figures in historical claims underpaid against current contracts
  • Protect future revenue with ongoing compliance monitoring
  • Renegotiate more favorable rates assisted by analytics

Operational Excellence

  • Eliminate need for manual contract decoding and tracking
  • Effortlessly access latest fee schedules in one platform
  • Refocus billing staff on value-add vs. endless claims

Transparent Insights

  • Complete visibility into true payer reimbursement compliance
  • Power to hold payers accountable to contracts
  • Agility to optimize terms before renewal

Future-Proof Your Revenue

  • Early underpayment detection prevents leakage compounding over time
  • Data-driven operations honed through Viewgol’s RCM expertise
  • Confidence in revenue stability powering growth
Quantifiable Outcomes You’ll Realize

Custom-fit Solutions for
All-Too-Common Challenges

From deciphering payer contracts to securing rightful revenue, Viewgol’s MCCS transforms obstacles into opportunities.

  • Simplified Contract Management: Contracts decoded into accurate fee schedules integrated with claims data to see exactly where and how much payers underpay.
  • Underpayment Recovery: Uncover and rectify discrepancies in payments with precision.
  • Efficiency Redefined: Eliminate the manual drudgery of contract analysis, freeing your team to focus on higher-priority tasks.

Reveal What You’re Owed, Risk-Free

Get Your Free Underpayment Analysis

Viewgol will Prove What You’re Owed.

For a limited time, Viewgol offers a complimentary analysis of select payer contracts, providing you with a glimpse into the capabilities of Managed Care Contract service.

This is your chance to see Viewgol’s expert RCM teams in action, as they dive deep into your payer contracts to spotlight every dollar you’re contractually owed.

Viewgol will Prove What You're Owed

No catches. No hidden fees. Just proof of the revenue recovery you could achieve.

Let Viewgol handle auditing major payer contracts, accurately model contracts into fee schedules, analyze historical claims data, and reveal step-by-step revenue leakages down to the claim detail.

In just 30 days expect transparent quantification of underpayments fueling your financial transformation.

Afterwards, it’s your call. Choose to continue services for even more actionable data or just leverage findings – your practice, your power.

Let Viewgol handle auditing
Reveal My Underpayments Now

Get the clarity you deserve. Cash in on payers who’ve shortchanged far too long.
Let’s get you paid.

Rapid Time-To-Value

MCCS preliminary findings consistently reveal 6-7 figures in underpayments from systematic leakage over years.

Viewgol needs only 1-2 of your active payer contracts to start driving immense value.

You realize this financial upside rapidly, then continue services ongoing to prevent future leakage.

See your underpayments revealed in under 30 days.

Rapid Time-To-Value

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Do You Know
What You Don't Know?

Can you confidently answer key questions?

  • Beyond basic reimbursements, is my practice capturing the full scope of revenue that our services merit?

  • How well do I understand the intricacies of payer contracts and the opportunities they present?

  • Can I quantify the impact of underpayments and RCM inefficiencies on our bottom line?

  • Could my practice reach greater milestones with our current reimbursement processes?

If you felt uncertain on any of these introspections, you may be losing more revenue than you realize.

The time for clarity is now!

Managed Care Contract Support:
Here's How It Works

At the core of MCCS is a suite of services designed to address your specific payer contracts and reimbursement challenges.

Payer Contract & Underpayment Report

A detailed findings report that combines in-depth analysis of payer agreements with an in-depth examination of underpayments.

  • Underpayment Analytics: Contains a list of all quantified underpayments with drill-down capability by payer, CPT code, time period, region, reimbursement type and other key variables.
  • Claim-Level Insights: Offers insights down to the individual claim level across key business dimensions.
  • Customizable Presentation: Structured yet configurable reporting for tailored analysis by executives and staff.
  • Actionable Findings: Ensures practices can easily interpret and act on the findings to recover revenue owed.

Expert RCM Teams

Hands-on expert RCM services combining deep revenue cycle data with industry-leading RCM expertise.

  • Contract Decoding: RCM analysts decode dense payer agreements to construct digital fee schedules incorporating all intricacies affecting rates.
  • Reconciliation Analysis: Pinpoints exactly where, when and how much payers underpay based on contract terms.
  • Data Organization: Underpayment details equip clients to approach payers, reprocess claims, and recover owed revenue.
  • Strategic Revenue Recovery: Deploy proven strategies to reclaim lost revenue, fortifying your practice’s financial health.

Underpayment Analysis Dashboard*

For practices seeking even greater transparency and insight, MCCS services offers a custom-built dashboard containing contract-derived fee schedules integrated with claims data analytics comparing expected vs actual reimbursements*

  • Data Views: Provide oversight into overall payer contract compliance and aggregate underpayment trends.
  • Fee Schedule Explorer: Enables user-configurable views of comprehensive schedules by factors like date, region, provider type.
  • Reimbursement Analysis: Search actual payments against accurate rates for a procedure code to detect underpayments.

* Additional Service Upon Request

Transform Your Revenue Management Today

Begin your journey to a more efficient and profitable healthcare practice with MCCS. Experience the difference of targeted, expert support in your RCM.

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Success Stories

Let Viewgol Do the Heavy Lifting


We get it.

It is endlessly frustrating dealing with payers that fail to properly reimburse your providers the money they are owed.

Viewgol’s partners often feel ill-equipped to hold payers accountable, without a clear way to uncover and reclaim what’s rightfully theirs.

However, Viewgol's Managed Care Contract Support soon turns that around.

Challenge: An FQHC lacked visibility into accurate payment rates from UnitedHealthcare.

Solution: Viewgol’s BI and Payer Science teams in MCCS meticulously analyzed payer contracts and reimbursement rates.


  • A staggering $500,000 in overlooked revenue from UnitedHealthcare

Uncovers Underpayments

in 5 Steps


Contract Acquisition: Obtain active payer contracts from client billing/legal teams.


Fee Schedule Creation: The cornerstone of MCCS’ success is the meticulous construction of fee schedules from complex payer contracts.


Claims Data Analysis: Detailed comparisons between fee schedules and actual payer reimbursements.


Underpayment Identification: Pinpoint instances of underpayment, providing your practice with actionable data insights to recover lost revenue.


Report Delivery: Presentation of executive and operational reports detailing underpayments for recovery.

Your Questions, Answered

  • What level of effort is needed on my team's end?

Very minimal. Provide an initial 1-2 payer contracts and claims data feeds. Viewgol handles the heavy lifting.

  • How does Viewgol ensure the privacy and security of our data?

Viewgol is committed to the highest standards of data security, maintaining SOC-2 compliance to ensure your data is protected with stringent encryption and security protocols. For more details on our data security practices, contacting a Viewgol expert can provide you with peace of mind.

  • What is the typical timeline for seeing tangible results after implementing MCCS?

Results can vary, but many clients begin to see improvements in revenue recovery within the first few months post-implementation. Detailed timelines can be discussed based on your specific situation when you connect with a Viewgol representative.

  • Can you describe the support and training Viewgol provides during and after MCCS implementation?

Viewgol offers comprehensive support and training, including managing implementation, user setup, and conducting training sessions on our analytics software. Ongoing support ensures seamless integration and maximized value from MCCS. For more details, reach out to us.

  • Is MCCS customizable to meet our specific needs and challenges?

Absolutely. MCCS is designed to be flexible, allowing customization to address your unique challenges and enhance your existing RCM processes efficiently. To explore how MCCS can be tailored for you, we recommend a personalized consultation.

  • How will MCCS integrate with our existing RCM processes and PM systems?

MCCS is designed as a standalone application that complements rather than integrates directly with existing RCM processes and PM systems. For a demonstration of how MCCS works alongside your current setup, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our team.

  • How does MCCS contribute to long-term financial stability and growth for healthcare practices?

MCCS provides strategic insights and actionable solutions that lead to improved payment accuracy, revenue recovery, and operational efficiencies, laying the foundation for long-term financial health. To understand the impact on your practice, scheduling a call with our team would be beneficial.

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