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Revenue cycle KPIs that count

If you’re used to looking at NextGen, Allscripts, or eClinicalWorks RCM KPIs - get ready. Traditional, high-level metrics and benchmarks just don’t cut it.

We’re ushering in a new way to manage your revenue cycle with modern revenue cycle KPIs. Get to know your data in context and the intricacies of each metric.

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Days in A/R

Why it fails:
Can be manipulated by writing off balances that might otherwise be collectible. Fluctuations in charge volumes and outstanding credit balances that are not taken into consideration can have a negative impact.

Gross Collection Rate (GCR)

Why it fails:
Variances between fee schedules, modifications, and time periods can skew results.
  • Medical practice A:
    $85 (allowable) / $150 (office charge)=57%
  • Medical practice B:
    $95 (allowable) / $250 (office charge)=35%

Net Collection Rate (NCR)

Why it fails:
Fails to measure contractual adjustments separately or non-contractual adjustments correctly, and measures NCR with what was posted for the month or over-collection can impact NCR.

Denial Percentage

Why it fails:
Differences in how—and when—to calculate denials, plus denial thought processes, and measuring counts versus dollars can result in various metrics.

Dig deep(er) into your metrics

Traditional revenue cycle KPIs

  • Industry-standard benchmarks
  • Takes metrics at face value
  • Data only skims the surface
  • No opportunity to challenge the data
  • Data can be skewed in a favorable direction

The Viewgol Way

  • Industry-standard benchmarks + new benchmarks, all delivered in context

  • Looks for nuances in metrics

  • Uncovers hidden data and opportunities

  • Provides you with the right questions to ask

  • Data gives you a clear, realistic view of revenue cycle

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