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Your RCM Journey + Our Expertise

Your RCM Journey + Our Expertise

RCM Solutions, Custom-fit for Your RCM Team

Viewgol Analytics


Powerful software that refines PM/EHR system data into strategic RCM insights to enhance billing and revenue recovery.

  • Instant Insights
  • Rich Data Views
  • Data Transparency
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Integrated suite combining Viewgol Analytics with robust business intelligence and specialized RCM teams to elevate operational performance and financial outcomes.

  • Expertise at Your Service
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Custom Actionable Strategies
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Viewgol Comprehensive


A full-service RCM and billing solution customized to your organization to streamline the revenue cycle and drive operational excellence.

  • A-to-Z RCM
  • Dedicated Specialists
  • Tailored Approach
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Additional Services

red tailed hawk

Viewgol WatchTower

Gain a vigilant partner with Viewgol WatchTower, the strategic RCM oversight that ensures your billing operations are always on point. Viewgol WatchTower brings transparency and accountability to your RCM processes, whether you’re working with in-house billing staff or an outsourced RCM vendor.

Here’s the Viewgol WatchTower promise:

  • Eagle-eyed Oversight: Like a raptor perched high, Viewgol monitors and holds your RCM vendor accountable, ensuring they're hitting the high notes of performance.
  • Metrics Connoisseur: Delving into your RCM's KPIs and LPIs and watch Viewgol's Payer Integrity and QA teams strategize, pinpointing revenue optimization opportunities with surgical precision.
  • Practice Management Masters: Viewgol WatchTower hones in on errors and denials, smoothing them out with the finesse of a seasoned editor on a mission to perfect the prose of your RCM processes.
Viewgol Advisory

Viewgol Advisory

Tackle the backlog beast with Viewgol Advisory, your ally in the quest for RCM efficiency. When your data’s tangled up in knots, Viewgol Advisory swoops in with specialized RCM expertise to smooth it out into a streamlined success story.

Here’s how Viewgol turns the tables:

  • Backlog Busters: Viewgol steps in as the RCM Hero to help clear backlog and streamline RCM processes, turning mountains of work into molehills.
  • Data Config Architects: Viewgol refines your PM/EHR system's setup even if it's with the other guys, ensuring your data works for you, not against you.
  • Coordination Captains: From organizing to managing, Viewgol brings the collective century of RCM experience and healthcare specialization to drive data-first decision making.

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Ready to transform your RCM?

Experience the power of data-driven decision-making with Viewgol Analytics. Viewgol your data today and start your journey towards a more efficient, transparent, and profitable future.

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