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Renee Sexton

Director, Technology Solutions

As Director, Technology Solutions at Viewgol, Renee Sexton leverages her technical and analytical expertise to bolster the growth of Viewgol’s software platform and enhance its services. Her role includes supporting development for Viewgol analytics and BI integration and contributing to sales, training, and product development.

Renee SextonWhile her focus has expanded, Renee maintains a steadfast commitment to community health centers (CHCs), upholding her long-standing dedication to enhancing healthcare access and quality.

With a Bachelor of Science in applied mathematics from Missouri S&T, Renee navigated her way into the medical industry, advancing to the position of practice administrator. During this period, she developed more than 25 ophthalmology templates for EHR systems and honed her skills as a solution architect in RCM. She has since collaborated with notable healthcare software providers like NextGen and Modernizing Medicine (Mod Med).

At NextGen, Renee continued to bolster her analytics skills, contributing to business intelligence and data analytics. Her journey then led her to Viewgol, where she applies her thorough grasp of healthcare software to contribute to the improvement and growth of Viewgol’s technology solutions.

Renee’s dedication to CHCs began in Missouri, where she worked closely with federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) and rural health clinics (RHCs). Her unwavering support of CHCs continues at Viewgol, where she applies her understanding of their specific needs to fine-tune Viewgol’s analytics and BI solutions. Renee’s work enhances Viewgol’s products and services as they evolve in response to changing market conditions, client needs, and service capabilities.

On a personal note, Renee is a fervent animal lover, sharing her home with a lively assortment of pets, including three dogs, two fish, two snails, and a couple of cats. Her two rescued Newfoundlands, a mother-son pair, hold a special place in her heart.

In her spare time, Renee engages in paint-by-numbers projects.

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