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Viewgol Returns to RetNet Forum’s 2024 Spring Meeting

Join Viewgol's Reid Storch, Mark Gaines, and Jason Whiteaker for a deep dive into optimizing your retina practice's RCM and financial health.

Illuminate Your Practice’s Revenue Cycle with Data-first RCM Solutions Custom-fit for Retina

Viewgol is happy to return with its team to the RetNet Forum, this time for the Spring Conference in New Orleans, LA. The conference, set for April 18-19, 2024, promises to be an insightful gathering of retina practice leaders and specialists, offering a platform to discuss and address the unique clinical and financial challenges within the specialty.

RetNet Forum’s 2024 Spring Meeting
RetNet Forum’s 2024 Spring Conference Image

Swing by the Viewgol booth and join CRO Reid Storch, and VPs of Sales Mark Gaines (Central), and Jason Whiteaker (East) at the conference for a friendly chat about enhancing your retina practice’s RCM. The team is excited to share insights on how Viewgol Analytics, coupled with specialized business intelligence and RCM expertise, can significantly improve your practice’s financial performance and operational efficiency.

See You There!

Planning to attend the 2024 RetNet Forum Spring Conference?
See how Viewgol can brighten your retina practice’s revenue cycle!

RetNet Forum’s 2024 Spring Conference Venue

New Orleans, LA
April 18-19, 2024

New Orleans, known for its vibrant culture and history, is the backdrop for this year’s RetNet Forum Spring Conference. As retina practice leaders come together, see how Viewgol can help you address and resolve the specific revenue cycle hurdles of your practice. Find tailored solutions for effective drug reimbursement, denials management, payer contract optimization, and more.

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