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Kristen Closson


Kristen Closson is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Viewgol. With a strong background in mathematics and more than two decades of experience in the RCM space, Kristen brings her analytical prowess and passion for solving complex problems to her leadership role at Viewgol.

Kristen ClossonKristen specializes in identifying and addressing systemic RCM issues. She has managed more than 7,000 providers and helped hundreds of clients in various RCM capacities. Her extensive experience with a wide array of clients at NextGen Healthcare provided valuable insights into healthcare organizations’ challenges. Kristen’s commitment to transforming RCM has put Viewgol on the healthcare map.

Kristen believes in a personalized approach to understanding and addressing each client’s unique needs. By fostering strong client relationships and offering tailored solutions, she helps healthcare organizations achieve their full potential in the ever-evolving RCM landscape.

Client success is a top priority for Kristen and Viewgol. By equipping her team with the knowledge and tools needed to uncover RCM opportunities and resolve issues efficiently, Kristen empowers clients to operate at a “hero level” and achieve the best possible revenue metrics and results.

Kristen holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Findlay. She pursued her degree while raising her kids and working full-time.

Outside of work, Kristen cherishes the time she spends with her family. She and her husband are passionate about advocating for healthcare resources in rural areas for children who have special needs. She is also the oldest of her siblings. So, yes, she is the best.

One more thing… Kristen conquered cancer during the height of the pandemic. *drops mic*

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5 – 15% Increase in collections