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Harry Hopkins

Chief Information Officer & Co-Founder

Harry Hopkins, Chief Information Officer (CIO) and co-founder of Viewgol, combines his vast experience in technology and engineering with a passion for problem-solving. Shortly after beginning his career at Sprint, he worked for and founded several technology consulting companies before joining forces with Doug and Kristen in 2017 to establish Viewgol. They have since used their collective expertise to address the challenges in healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM).

Harry HopkinsHarry excels at understanding the root problems clients encounter and uses technology to create customized solutions. Taking a personalized approach to analyzing short-term and long-term client needs, Harry leads a team of dedicated professionals who share Viewgol’s commitment to solving RCM problems.

With his extensive technical know-how, Harry drives Viewgol’s mission to create RCM Heroes by bringing RCM data transparency and accountability to every healthcare organization. His convictions regarding the importance of culture and leadership shape how Viewgol operates and ensure a focus on clients’ success and financial well-being.

In his personal life, Harry is passionate about improving youth sports, where he invests time and energy into creating a better system that fosters genuine love for sports and personal growth. Currently, he can be found coaching youth soccer teams and working with local organizations to bring a better experience for athletes and their families.

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5 – 15% Increase in collections