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Use Case

A large, multi-location ophthalmology practice uncovers hidden revenue

Multi-location ophthalmology practice gains data transparency and improves cash flow

Revenue cycle management is complicated and complex, but specialty care practices require resources tailored to their unique needs.

Prior authorizations, accurate charge capture, and coding, for example, are important to ensure timely reimbursement. With ever-changing payer rules and reimbursement rates, however, they often find it challenging to keep up and meet benchmarks.

Quick Facts

  • Organization: Ophthalmology practice with 14 locations
  • Goals: Keep up with the complexities of RCM, improve payer accountability, and reduce days in A/R.
  • Results: Identify hidden opportunities, understand the data in context, and improve cash flow.

Driving ophthalmology revenue with transparent data insights

A large ophthalmology practice with 14 locations experienced significant growth and was searching for a partner who understood the complexities of RCM for specialty care practices who would help them to increase accountability for their payers, reduce days in A/R, and improve cash flow.

Getting access to their data was also a challenge. The practice used NextGen Healthcare’s EHR software, and oftentimes, they would have to pull and merge multiple reports. Although that allowed them to have the data all in one place, they knew there was more data they didn’t have access to in order to get a comprehensive view of their revenue cycle.

With Viewgol, the ophthalmology practice was able to achieve full transparency and data analytics they’ve never had access to, all in one place and updated daily. The deep data insights, executive-level reporting, and business intelligence allowed them to uncover millions of dollars in hidden and future revenue, understand their data in context and ask the right questions about their revenue cycle.

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