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Use Case

Multi-specialty care practice RCM success with 22 locations

Multi-specialty practice identifies 15,000 unsent statements

Healthcare organizations that undergo a merger or acquisition quickly find themselves evaluating current processes and workflows and addressing the growing complexities of their revenue cycle management.

They’re faced with managing more providers, more payers, and more rules, so achieving key metrics and optimizing the revenue cycle becomes even more challenging.

Quick Facts

  • Organization: Multi-specialty care practice with 22 locations
  • Goals: Achieve key metrics for aged A/R, clean claims, and initial denials. Validate suspicions of revenue leaks.
  • Results: Identified 15,000 unsent statements

Unparalleled RCM data transparency that drives revenue

After undergoing an acquisition, a multi-specialty practice added 7 new locations to their existing 15, and 60 doctors in two years. They were focused on achieving key metrics such as aged A/R, clean claims, and initial denials. They knew they had gaps and revenue leaks but without full transparency into the data in their EHR, they couldn’t confirm them. Plus, although they were working with a vendor, the insights they were getting from the business intelligence team weren’t meaningful.

With Viewgol, the organization finally had full visibility, and access to objective and trusted data delivered in context.

Viewgol’s business intelligence team helped them to identify gaps and the root causes of their revenue leaks, and map out next steps. They also challenged the RCM team to ask the right questions and think about their revenue cycle in a different way.

For example, although patient billing was automated, they identified 15,000 patient statements that were never sent—which resulted in a significant revenue lift.


locations added


doctors added


identified unsent statements

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