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Renee Sexton Joins Viewgol as Director, Community Health Center Solutions

Renee Sexton

With More Than 36 Years of Experience in the Healthcare Industry, Sexton is Playing a Key Role in the Expansion of Viewgol as an RCM Data and Service Provider to Community Health Centers (CHCs).

Frisco, TX – February 16, 2023 – Viewgol, a healthcare RCM data, advisory, and services company, welcomes Renee Sexton to the team as Director, Community Health Center Solutions. Sexton has extensive experience in the healthcare industry, starting as a medical assistant before becoming a practice administrator. Later, she served as a solution architect at NextGen RCM and ModMed, accumulating more than 14 years of experience working closely with Community Health Centers (CHCs).

CHCs are non-profit organizations that receive federal funding to provide comprehensive primary care and preventive health services to underserved communities, irrespective of patients’ ability to pay or insurance status.

To maintain their funding and continue to provide quality care to their patients, CHCs must ensure they comply with strict reporting requirements from the Health Resources and Services Administration, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, state health departments, and the Bureau of Primary Health Care.

“Viewgol shares many core values with RHCs, FQHCs, and Tribal Health organizations that serve indigenous communities,” said Sexton. “I am drawn to and excited to join Viewgol because we share a vision to care for patients through caring for the financial health of healthcare organizations. The talent level at Viewgol is unmatched. I’m thrilled to join this high-caliber team where I can learn and grow.”

As a trusted advisor to its clients at the executive and operational levels, Viewgol provides services to healthcare organizations of varying sizes across multiple specialties. By partnering with Viewgol, healthcare organizations can discover systemic RCM issues, identify opportunities, access relevant data, and implement solutions using enterprise-grade technology, a robust business intelligence team, and RCM experts.

Sexton will work with Viewgol’s CHC clients to maintain good standing with the federal, state, and local agencies. As healthcare financial systems grow in complexity, Viewgol Analytics, the company’s proprietary RCM software, brings key metrics to the surface that are inaccessible in most healthcare PM systems.

“Viewgol impacts our clients so they are financially successful and can fully serve their communities. Renee will serve countless patients by helping CHCs maximize their various funding sources in hundreds of communities across the US,” said Reid Storch, CRO for Viewgol.

“Renee is often the smartest person in the room and is always a great resource for her clients. It is fantastic to work alongside her once again,” said Kristen Closson, COO of Viewgol. “She brings deep industry knowledge into every discussion, which elevates Viewgol’s ability to serve CHCs better.”

Viewgol provides customized RCM solutions to meet the needs of each client, from the small practice that requires best-in-class data to the nationwide healthcare organization that needs complete RCM services.

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