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Gone are the days of multiple spreadsheets, dashboards, and reporting tools.

Gain complete transparency into your revenue cycle analytics with one simple, streamlined dashboard updated every day.

Uncover hidden opportunities, proactively address gaps, and increase cash flow with our RCM intelligence tool.

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Find revenue
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Access all of your data, scorecards, and trends to reveal hidden opportunities on day one that result in a 5-15% revenue lift—guaranteed.

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Viewgol scorecard dashboard
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Tap into our RCM brain trust to understand your data in context, map out solutions, and see how you stack up against leading KPIs.

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Break free from the cycle of frustration, get time back in your day, and have some fun (we won’t tell anyone).

Rethink Revenue Cycle KPIs

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Winning revenue cycle analytics


reduction in accounts receivable


improved payment velocity


increase in reimbursements (YoY)

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